Bolton Community Forum was established in 2013. Its aims are to fight for social justice and to reduce disadvantage in the communities of Bolton and it’s surrounding towns.
Bolton Community Forum is a registered charity (1158712) and company ltd. by guarantee (09242513).

  • Working through all sections of Bolton’s Community, the forum seeks to reduce the isolation of Bolton’s older people through intergenerational partnerships and by providing one to one support for older people.
  • Bolton Community Forum works with younger people bringing together diverse disadvantaged young people through intergenerational partnerships.
  • Bolton Community Forum has been appointed the energy champion for the area part of our remit is to provide ongoing support for people experiencing difficulties in paying their fuel bills. Bolton Community Forum is here to help.

Bolton is a post industrial northern town, it has boroughs that have high percentages of multiple deprivation and has below average life expectancy and high rates of adult illiteracy.
For several years Bolton has experienced very high levels of migration both from the European Union and the rest of the world, this has created its set of problems with the indigenous community. Bolton Community Forum works to bring these diverse communities together and fights for community cohesion.

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